One thing I know, is that
     to a certain extent, I’ve always been uncertain:
          uncertain about my life, 
          uncertain about my art.
and I know that that things can sometimes seem
     disjointed, or 
Uncertainty has always been one of my biggest worries.

Yes……I mean all the options and 
          I‘m not sure which one I’m going to choose. 
I may be one thing one minute. 
     Something else the next. 
I won’t deny that there are certain ideas and ideals that I cling to. I always strive for neatness in things, but 
     I ‘m so untidy which is something my mother always worries about.
     (big sigh) 
As for me
     I’m not sure…….if I should worry about it. It all seems a bit like..
     …too much like hard work if you ask me.

I always try to create a sense of sp-a-ce. 
That’s important to me, that is.
To get a feeling that
     that it’s a place in which you belong. 
I always think that, as an actor, a sense of place really sets a scene for a story.
I always think that
     its best to be in the first person. 
you know what I mean? 
Well, as a writer I believe in the first person narrative.
     I do! I honestly do!
Like say the stainless steel rat by Harry Harrison. 
Although I’ve never had anything published. 
     That too worries me. 
     a problem
          that I’ve never had uh a p-proper job also worries me. 
I quite enjoy what I do.

A lot of people don’t understand uncertainty. 
But I do, 
     um …to a certain extent. 
The one thing that I’ve learnt about uncertainty is that it’s certainly not what you think it is.
And even when you have some construct of uncertainty
     of what you think uncertainty is in your mind. 
You find that that construct sometimes vanish
     like the ball in the conjurors hand. 
Confusion is something that conjurors use all the time. We call it misdirection.


Any Direction.?

Thoughts are like radio. 
Collage of ideas and imaginations in the mind.
     far more powerful than a-anything telly can do.

That is at the root of everything. 
All uncertainty began at the beginning. 
And I think I’ve come to the end. 
     Or is it the beginning.
Round and round and round it goes. Where it stops….
     I might as well ……
          leave others to think about that.

From Pieces of Ourselves, 2007. Written and performed by David Munns

This was an installation by David Munns which involved walking into dark space containing a number of different objects, including a mask of the artist’s face which could be worn and a mirror. This audio played over the top.