Mixed media: I’m an Artist, I’m Ellie Mason

Ellie is multi-talented performer and writer.  She draws on her own life experiences to create powerful, challenging work.  She is an excellent workshop leader.  Her most recent work was radio play, A Gameshow with a Twist, created in partnership with BBC Radio Drama.  Ellie's piece, An Ordinary Woman, which draws on her own experiences of being a wheelchair user, featured in I'm an Artist, let me in! at the Roundhouse Studio Theatre on 25th May 2010 and toured to the New Diorama Theatre in October 2010.  Ellie also performed An Ordinary Woman at various events such as a club night for Corali, an awards ceromony for Volunteer Centre Lambeth and a social for Keyring Housing during 2011.

Work Experience

Ellie has devised for and performed in the following productions:

Ellie has been an Assistant Workshop Leader at the following venues:

  • Charlton School, Greenwich 2009
  • Unity disability arts festival, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff 2008


  • Entry Level and Level One inc.Theatre Skills Courses, accredited by OCN, completed 2008
  • Participated in Go inc to work, assisted employment programme for artists with learning disabilities, 2008-2010

If you are interested in working with Ellie, and would like to find out more about her skills, availability and support needs, please call 0207 061 6454, or email Spare Tyre.

Video: Meet Ellie Mason

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Transcript of video

[Buzzing noise in background]

Ellie: I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love
Mmm.. My Romeo, My Romeo, My Romeo ..Mmm

[Evil laughter in background]

Ellie [shouting]: O, why! Just why, that two timing bastard! Ah, My resistance was low and he just took advantage of me!

[Eastern, exotic music]

Ellie: I kind of call myself an all sorts of performer really; I can perform, I can act. I like, err, I do abstract art. Erm I can do melodies for songs, I can sing.

Picasso: Oh hello Sylvette

Ellie [out of breath, sighing]: O hi Picasso

Picasso: I’ve been waiting for you

Ellie: Oh! Why? Why? Why would you choose me?

Picasso: Because you are beautiful and you’ve got an inner beauty

Ellie: Me? Me? Beautiful? [sighing] Wow! Erm, Oh God! Oh Wow!

Ellie: I’ve got loads of lovely friends that kind of include me, errr - how I wanna be included.
Let me perform and do my own thing.

[Eastern, exotic music]