Photo of actor with audience member during 'The Garden' performance

About this video

The Garden is a multisensory and interactive art installation and performance designed for people with dementia and their carers. 

This film gives a taster of the project in rehearsals.

Watch our film showing the project in action in a day centre
We are now taking bookings for our Autumn 2016 tour in London. Find out more about the tour here, or email Lynette or call 020 8692 4446 (ext. 273).

"Spare Tyre’s non-verbal, sensory approach creates an instant environment where individuals are mindfully welcomed through minimal language, eye contact and touch…These sessions illustrate to care staff how achievable it is to transform an environment with sound, light, touch and smell and how any of these aspects could easily be incorporated in individual and group interactions.” - Margaret Stewart, Creative Learning Team, Aberdeen Council

Video created by Victor Rios - Three Blokes Productions.