[Atmospheric industrial and saxophone sounds]

[Woman laughing] 
Female voice1: I just feel - I want to 
Female voice2: Should not been seen, Should not been heard.
Female voice3: I feel everyone is looking at me, Do you think I am stupid?
Female voice4: Time… to be honest
Female voice5: Friendship, solidarity and a sense of community.

[Voices merrily singing different bath time songs]

Woman (Italian accent): Not to touch him, no no no, not to touch him.
Man: Please
Woman (Italian accent): Oooh, such a lovely man! 
No no no no, No hankey pankey. 
Ahhh.. I would love to sit on your lap! 
[background laughter]
Man: Pardon?!

[Classical harpsichord music, then with hip hop beat behind it]

[Man singing continues over scene]

Woman1 (to woman2): I put a curse on you. 
[group gasps]
I want your body. I’m gonna eat your brains. 
[group gasps]
(to man): You handsome - I love your blood.
(to woman3): You’re gorgeous. 
Woman3: Thank you
Woman1: And I love you and I’m gonna eat your body!!
Woman3: That’s all right. 
Woman1: GRRRRR!

Woman: We truly wish to present our view. Er, as theatre! We are actors and this is theatre and we wish to present our view, our take and our understanding.

[Funky, upbeat music with saxaphone]

[Water sounds and downbeat guitar music]
[bird noises]
Man: What have I not done that you should inflict such misery on me? Have I not sacrificed doves, and poured wine as libations on your alter? Did I not send you a heavy gold ring? And how have I been repaid? My house is empty of sound, my shares have gone, my wife and children have left me, a timeline of piety and devotion worth nothing. I deny you.
I uncover my head in front you because you are not here!

[Eastern, sexy sounding music]

Director: And then, then do you not have to sit back and say, actually how powerful art is, that it can do this, you know. Because actually you can see how it does really, really change lives, how it really affects people. You know, on the, on a ground level. It’s a powerful tool.

[Lightning sound]

Woman1: What will this come to?
Man1: He commands us to provide and give great gifts
Woman2: And all out of an empty coffer
Woman1: Nor will he know his purse or yield me this
Woman3: To show him what beggar his heart is
Man2: Being no power to make his wishes good.
Woman4: His promises fly so beyond his state
Man1: That what he speaks is all in debt
Woman5: He owes for every word. He is so kind that he now pays interest for it
Woman3: His lands put to their books
Man2: Well, well would I were gently put out of office before I was forced out!
Woman1: Happier is he that has no friend to feed
Woman3: That such that do even enemies exceed, I bleed, bleed inwardly for my Lord
Woman1: I bleed inwardly for my Lord
Woman5: I bleed inwardly for my Lord
Man2: I bleed inwardly for my Lord
Director: Okay, great, what a difference, good.

About this video

Film by Loud Minority

Theatre Without Prejudice, is a film about Spare Tyre's Creative Practice. 

Spare Tyre's history of producing bold and powerful theatre that inspires and challenges communities, artists and audiences stretches over thirty years.  This video uses footage from the rehearsals and performances of Feeble Minds, to demonstrate  Spare Tyre's practice.  This practice is based upon harnessing, capturing and valuing life experience.  The performances produced by the people that we work with are "straight from the horse's mouth" and advocate strongly for independence, social justice, voice and respect.

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