Video: Batty Rose

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Transcript of video

[The video is speeded up so that Rose's movements are quick and jerky and her voice is high and squeaky]

[Funky music plays]
[Rose sniffs throughout]
[Sniff, Sniff]
Rose: Hello, my name’s Rose, [sniff, sniff], and I’m kind of on cocaine you know, [sniff, sniff], er, [sniff], er, [sniff]… you know I’ve- you know… that’s the reason why I dope my granddaughter up, [sniff], so I can steal the money, [sniff], for cocaine, [sniff] and well, er, well, [sniff]…
[looks out of window]
Oh my God, there’s a pigeon out there! Erm, I’m quite hungry, [sniff, sniff], I have to shoot it because, you know, I have to kill pigeons for a living you know. That’s the way I eat you know, that’s just the way I am.
Anyway, my daughter’s doped up on cocaine, [sniff], and er well, you know, that’s good because I can take as much money from her as I like, out of her safe, and she doesn’t know about it, [sniff, sniff].
[Bends down to snort]
[sniff, sniff], OK, I think I have to go now, [sniff, sniff], OK, [sniff, sniff], BYE! [sniff, sniff]

About this video

A piece written and performed by Lucy Meah.

Lucy is a member of Spare Tyre's Company of Artists.  She created this work whilst on Spare Tyre's assisted employment programme Go inc. To Work.