Video: Performance by John Northeast

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Transcript of video

John [hands raised and head covered]:
Mighty Posieden. God of the oceans. Sender of earthquakes to punish men’s sins. What have I not done that you should inflict such misery on me? Have I not sacrificed doves, and poured wine as libations on your alter? Did I not send a heavy gold ring to you down on your ocean bed? And how have I been repaid? My fleet is all sunk, my house is rubble, my wife and children are dead or injured, my life of piety and devotion worth nothing. I deny you.
[uncovers his head]
I uncover my head in front you because you are not here!

About this video

Devising for Feeble Minds, 2009

John experiments with Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens text whilst devising for the show Feeble Minds. The artists were set with the task of creating a piece inspired by ritual.