Touring theatre venues during December 2007, Alice was the first time Spare Tyre's Company of Artists aged 60+ tackled panto. The all singing, all dancing production was loosely based on Lewis Caroll’s story, Alice in Wonderland.

The Spare Tyre's Company of Artists were joined by Green Candle Senior Dancers, the East End dance troupe for older people renowned for their mix of humour and choreographic invention.

Alice is on the brink of her own personal wonderland. As the show begins she’s at her retirement bash, tipsy with champagne and raring to retire and see the world, bus pass in hand.

But after a tumble down a most unusual rabbit hole and a conversation with a radio, she meets Davina McRabbit, the media monster who has other plans for Alice’s retirement. After her adventures in the wacky bus queue with the Twirlies, Alice is deluged by leaflets from the Mad Hatter. She narrowly avoids eating the Pensioner’s Soup, delicately flavoured with over-ripe socks. She gets caught up in the television game Happily Ever After, the Red Queen’s evil plot to reduce pensions so she can drink gin and tonic with Brad Pitt.