A bold, haunting and intelligent performance

Audience member

Devised and performed by: Spare Tyre's Company of Artists
Directed by: Arti Prashar

To sin or not to sin is a very good question
Whether it’s better to live by our morals
Or take a risk on outrageous fortune.

Feeble Minds tells the story of a world in chaos, intoxicated with greed and lust.

For the first time Spare Tyre brought together two companies, previously known as the the inc.Theatre Ensemble - artists with learning disabilities and HotPots - artists aged over 60.  Now forming Spare Tyre's Company of Artists.

30 artists combined spoken word, physical theatre, multimedia, sound and written word, intermingled with bits of Shakespeare’s text to create a truly madly sensory experience. Feeble Minds was a comical, moving piece which explores questions of moral values.

Feeble Minds disturbed, treading the fine line between sanity and madness.