It takes you back to reality in a surreal way

SAFE audience member

Written by: Pete Lawson

Directed by: Arti Prashar  

Designed by: Rajha Shakiry

Performed by Spare Tyre's Company of Artists aged 60+

But wait. Was this a performance, or a hazard?

How far should we go to eliminate risk? The cross departmental Tsar insists on box-ticking, risk-assessing and safe-guarding, desperately trying to create a 'safe' environment.  What must we sacrifice? The voices of those we are trying to protect?

A satirical piece of theatre that was at once affecting, exasperating and hilarious.

SAFE with tour to London venues between 12 October–4 November. 

Performed in May 2010 to sell-out audiences at the Wandsworth Arts Festival, SAFE followed a theatre group as they staged a play. Or at least attempted to. An interruption from a health and safety officer began the demise of the performance, leading to an absurd and comical spiral for both actors and audience.

There was a Q&A session after each performance with the cast.