Written by: Pete Lawson
Directed by: Arti Prashar

Celebrating 75 Extraordinary Years of the Wellcome Trust

Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

In 1947, every Scottish schoolchild born in 1936, known as the Lothian Birth Cohort, sat an intelligence test. Over 1000 of them re-sat the test aged 70. The research revealed fascinating findings about intelligence and memory, but what are the human stories behind the data? This play examines the stories and adds human flesh to the skeleton of research.

We were delighted to co-produce Still Life Dreaming with The Wellcome Trust, to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

Pete Lawson’s script reflected on the curiosity that drives human beings to explore ideas and interact with each other. Four Artists aged 60+, members of Spare Tyre’s Company of Artists, performed the play. The play used multisensory and multiple artforms, true to Spare Tyre’s trademark approach.

The show took place on 15th – 19th August 2011 at Pleasance Courtyard–Forth, Edinburgh