In these workshops participants work with skilled Spare Tyre artists to develop their Drama and Theatre Skills.

Participants will learn how to improve their performance level, work in teams and grow in self-confidence. They will create their own work from their own ideas. The workshop leaders will listen to what the participants are interested in and shape the workshops around their ideas.

The workshops will be held at Redbridge Drama Centre. There are 10 weekly workshops, every Tuesday from 10am–4pm. The workshops are running from 23 April–2 July 2013with a break half way through.

These workshops will be lead by Spare Tyre Associate Artist, Isaac Ngugi.

To find out more or to join these workshops please call 020 7061 6454 or email Spare Tyre.


To find out more call 020 7061 6454 or email Spare Tyre.

The cost of the workshops is £150 per person which works out as £2.50 per hour.

Access information

The Drama and Theatre Skills workshops will be held at Redbridge Drama Centre, Churchfields, South London, E18 2RB.

Click here to find out how to get to Redbridge Drama Centre.

Participants need to organise your own transport to and from the workshops.

The workshops will be led by a Spare Tyre Artist and supported by a Spare Tyre volunteer.