Spare Tyre used elements of Once Upon a Time to collaborate with The Pavilion, a new day centre facility in Islington, on a playful creative research and development programme. 

The project focused on working with adults with PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities) during June 2014.

Artists visited The Pavilion to develop a multisensory and multi-artform approach to enable the centre to better utilise its existing spaces and resources for its service users with PMLD and complex needs. The Artists brought their expertise in working across different artforms and using multisensory techniques. They helped the care staff to start to create clearer pathways through the centre, to showcase the service users’ creativity, and to make use of communal spaces through painting on the floor and walls.

To find out more about Spare Tyre's Once Upon a Timetraining programme for staff working with people with advanced dementia, please visit our Training section.