We celebrate the voices of women. We create a powerful forum for women who have experienced violence.

This is a platform and a chance to speak out... I say let's voice our unease, a gut feeling, a story we know or have been told. Let's keep re-telling it and say it out loud... for those women… who feel unable to... let's give a platform to them and believe those who feel they can say it... loud and clear!

Through a series of creative workshops, participants are encouraged to explore their aspirations through a range of art forms, accompanied by laughter and listening.

Dates: Every Thursday, 19th September – 28th November
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Venue: Red Studio, Oval House, 52-54 Kennington, Oval, London SE11 5SW

Access information

Picture Me workshops will be held at Red Studio, Oval House, 52-54 Kennington, Oval, London SE11 5SW.

Click here to find out how to get to Oval House.

You will need to organise your own transport to and from the workshops.

The workshops will be led by Tess Garrett and Chip De Silva.