We take risks. We celebrate the voices of women. We create a powerful forum for women who have experienced violence.

After being offered a drink and some food, the workshop begins. We start off with a hilarious game of Liar…we create images of strong women to much laughter and affirmation…the women ask us to come back…they are on board. The project has started!

Using Yasmine Beverly Rana’s script Blood Sky as stimuli, our current group of extremely talented women bounce sound bites, explore concepts of power and status and create inspiring image work during weekly Picture Me workshops. Their stories are funny, poignant and from the heart, as a celebratory soundscape is created.

Picture Me creates a platform for women who have experienced violence to speak out, share their stories and explore their aspirations through a range of art forms. Laughter and listening are the core ingredients to these workshops.

‘This is special…we all know why we’re here. We’ve all come from different situations but it’s therapeutic to be with women who understand.’ – Participant