An interactive, multisensory, non-verbal performance.

I felt positively overwhelmed by the levels of engagement, joy and imagination experienced by myself and residents.

Margaret Stewart, Creative Learning Team, Aberdeen Council

The Garden was originally developed for people with dementia; in 2018 Spare Tyre are adapting the piece for people with learning disabilities. 

The one-hour piece is performed to a seated audience of approximately 10 people with learning disabilities and their carers.

The three performers use an interactive, multi-sensory, non-verbal approach to take the audience on a journey through the seasons. 

Projection is used extensively – on huge and tiny scales. Live and recorded music plays throughout. 

People are given things to smell, touch and taste, and are welcomed into a relaxing space where they can enjoy themselves. People are made to feel confident responding to the performance in their own way.
Carers enjoy sharing relaxed moments with the people they care for, and are inspired to refresh the way they interact with them.  

This show can be enjoyed by:

  • People with learning disabilities
  • People who have had a stroke or brain injury
  • Carers (professional and family carers)
  • Carers or people with these disabilities for whom English is a second language

To book a visit, please contact:

Gemma Williams
020 8692 4446 (ext 273)

Watch a short film of The Garden (audience with dementia)