The Promise is a new play exploring the moral complexities of the personal choice of assisted dying. It is currently being developed by a group of our older artists, who have come together to form the group SilverSage.

This play, based on real events in Camden in the 1980s, is an important contribution to a debate that needs to be had.

Keir Starmer MP

Produced by Spare Tyre and directed by Isaac Ngugi, the piece is based on the true story from their Camden neighbourhood. It centres on a woman who assisted in the suicide of someone she cared for, and who was tried for murder as a result. 

Police interview transcripts and press reports from Charlotte Hough’s arrest in the 1980s have been the starting point for their work. The situation was complex and nuanced – Charlotte herself didn’t believe in euthanasia. The fascination for the group lies in the highly personal response to the pressures of pain and friendship.

The Promise will feature in Spare Tyre’s Invisible Women Festival week at the New Diorama Theatre in Camden in February 2018.

In December SilverSage ran a Crowdfunder campaign to raise money to support the show, and place the important issue of assisted dying centrestage. A huge thankyou to all those who supported this campaign.

We want this story to serve as a springboard toward a debate... in the long term we would hope for this debate to lead to a rethink of what these laws are and who they represent. This is not about preaching to the converted or finding a consensus.

Vicky, SilverSage founder member

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