Arti Prashar during rehearsals

SAFE–The daily mind-boggling thoughts of a director… No-one was hurt in the writing of this daily blog, every health and safety precaution has been taken into consideration: but 'without risk what's left?'

1. Before the Beginning… We wanted to mark our 40th year here at Spare Tyre (ST as we lovingly call it).  We weren’t sure how, or frankly whether we had money to do it. It’s always a consideration – you know we are a small arts charity, working with many people with a lot of different needs. So when planning anything we have to make sure we can support people properly. That’s enablement, empowerment, and joy.

So been planning SAFE for months. Maybe years–it’s a re-working of a show we did in 2009.  Started negotiating with various individuals months ago. Oh you know – no, you don’t? The writer, the creative and production teams, our Trustees, the core staff, the cast, University placements and our fabulous volunteers, all their associated agents and agencies. DBS checks on everyone. Establishing how everyone communicates ‘cos we are not all tech savvy nor do we all want to be.

Are you exhausted yet? I am. But we haven’t even started booking the rooms, commissioning the leaflets, marketing, travel, negotiating, writing the contracts, sorting the budgets, problem solving, troubleshooting, whilst writing a couple of hefty applications, and ensuring the outreach projects are on track.

Phew–think it’s all in place.

Just re-reading this to ensure it’s not in breach of anything. No, it looks SAFE!

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