SAFE–The daily mindboggling thoughts of a director…

No-one was hurt in the writing of this daily blog, every health and safety precaution has been taken into consideration: but 'without risk what’s left?'

SAFE! (Ha ha) Back to the original venue that the cast know. Today is a ‘sound’ day. All things sound will ensue. And they do. Love this question by our Sound Designer: What do you love that you used to hate? Fantastic question. Tweet us @spare_tyre and let us know.

Slowly throughout the day creative and production team coming in.

And why is the heating not on? We are working with older people and it’s very, very cold! Eventually it gets sorted. The florists who had used the space before us during the week had turned all the valves off, to keep the flowers SAFE! For Valentine’s! What more can I say?

It’s systems all go now: leafleting in streets of Camden, filming, singing, measuring for costumes, looking at model box – it’s very sweet. Sound recording: what sounds represent you?Another great question. Answers: mmmm, aahhh, sigh, whistling, f**k off, sod off, humming with satisfaction…

After rehearsals there’s a production meeting.

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