Well they all think I’m gonna block the show. Block is the right word. Cos in my eyes blocking does exactly that ‘block’ – every intuition, every instinct, every emotion. Do people still ‘block’ shows? What happened to play, try it out, see where it takes you? Take a risk, let’s not be SAFE!

That’s when the magic happens in live contemporary theatre when there is call and response, listening, action, reaction. Inviting an audience in to share the story, find empathy, touch anger, provoke thought.

An Aside
That was a tough day. Worked on that script. Might need to block it!!! 
Do I make an allowance when working with older performers? 

Oh I love this job, full of contradictions. Ideas just appear and then dissipate. Discovered and lost, how do we hold on to some of them? 
Performers feeling the pain, creative team asking questions, creative team feeling the pain and performers asking questions. You know I’m not feeling so good….