What can we learn from our younger selves?

For the last couple of days I've been eye-deep in thinking about my sensory self. Who am I when I stop thinking with words and spoken language? How am I communicating with other parts of myself and more importantly, how am I listening?  I've been tapping into–at long last–the resources from the Super Sensory Share by Oily Cart where I was for 13 years until 2 weeks ago a Trustee,  created as part of their 40th birthday celebration. In preparation for On The Beach I've also been reading Joanna Grace's excellent Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings and Tim Webb's definitive Sensory Theatre.

Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings - Joanna Grace (Routledge) and Sensory Theatre by Tim Webb (Routledge)

Introducing the Covid Café Creative Share:

Today, I've been co-hosting one of our Saturday Covid Cafés connected series where the conversation turned by chance to what we can learn from our younger selves.  I ended up writing a poem using affirmations supplied by Laura Rees as prompts–a free writing exercise, pondering on the things I can learn from my younger self (see pic) and some of the things that others in the session mentioned. I've highlighted the prompts so you can use them yourself if you'd like.

I am curious green eyes as big as my face

I am deep deep trust

Your small hand, my bigger one

The edge of adventure

in curious bright green eyes

I can be different

I can have deep deep trust

in my adventures

my big hand, your small one

I want to see it all

I'll let myself be different

Open my big green eyes, 

see and be seen.

Trust in my own vision.

Make my own adventure.

I'll explore the possibilities

With all my senses

Laugh when I need to
Stop when I need to

Trust my senses 


I'll remember my eyes, your hands, ​Our adventure.

I love your small hand in my bigger one

Your big trusting eyes see everything new

I'm going to be here. Be

I'll remember my eyes, your hands, 

Our adventure.

I've shown you mine so you can–if you like- show me yours....

A few people at the Covid Café have let us know that they'd like an outlet for some of the creativity they've been exploring since acquiring their long term condition. Our Shielders' Stage is exactly the space for that.

 Shielders' Stage is a Zoom platform we trailled during the Lockdowns for creative people who make their creativity in their own home, due to lack of capacity to make it "in proper places". 

You might be shielding, living with a long term condition or caring for someone who is. You might not have anything you want to share this time–that's ok, we'd love to have some people along who give the gift of their presence to enjoy someone else's contribution. 

Anyone who has been along to the Covid Cafes in 2022 and 2023 is invited to the first of the Covid Cafe Creative Sharings. Places are free and we ask you sign up to let us know you'll be coming...

If you'd like to give us a glimpse into your creative world from home, go the event page and find out more. See you soon