Three of our longest contributing artists, Ellie Mason, David Munns, and Chirag Patel, will be performing on Sunday

The countdown is on until our afternoon cabaret at Hoxton Hall on Sunday 19th November, and our artists are busy rehearsing. While they brush up on their performances, we thought we'd shine a spotlight on the 3 artists who will be entertaining us all on the day. 

David Munns

David is a talented magician, actor, and writer. He first began working with Spare Tyre in 2002 as part of the inc.Theatre project, which aimed to give learning disabled adults confidence in their drama skills. Following this he collaborated and performed in shows such as I'm an Artist, Let me In!, The Art Room, and The Tempest. He has performed his magic and comedy at various cabaret nights, such as Kicking Kangaroo and Beautiful Octopus. In 2017, David and other artists took Nights at the Circus to the Edinburgh festival. This cabaret-esque style show, a co-production with Fauve Alice, explored sex, desire , and violence.

You can see more of David's work with Spare Tyre over the years in the ST40 archive on our website:

Spare Tyre's Company of Artists perform The Art Room, 2005. Chirag, David, and Ellie are among the cast pictured

Ellie Mason

Ellie has been an active Spare Tyre artist for 20 years. She is a wonderful actor, singer, and disability activist. Her early work with Spare Tyre followed her involvement with inc.Theatre, and included Dark inc. Ridiculous Recipes, and I'm an Artist, Let me In! In 2017, she performed in Nights at the Circus at the Edinburgh festival, which explored themes of sex positivity and disability discrimination. For this, Ellie won Performance Artist of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards. Ellie is a strong advocate for disability rights, and was part of the Freelancers Task Force in 2020-21.
You can see more of Ellie's work with Spare Tyre over the years in the ST40 archive on our website:

Ellie, David, and the cast of I'm an Artist, Let me In!, 2010

Chirag Patel

Chirag has been involved with Spare Tyre for over 20 years, turning his hand to a multitude of different things. His early engagements were as part of the Spare Tyre band, which toured schools, parks, and festivals around London in the early 2000's. Chirag was also a member of inc.Theatre and performed in The Tempest. He is a talented pianist and has Grade 5 in styles including jazz piano. He has worked with Spare Tyre as an Administrative Assistant in 2015 for a few years, supporting the core staff in the office. 2021 saw Chirag transition from participant to Trustee, a role which he has dived right into. Chirag has always been a generous supporter of Spare Tyre, volunteering his time to support our projects such as the Festival of Radical Care and We Will Be Happy Here.

You can see more of Chirag's work with Spare Tyre over the years in the ST40 archive on our website:

Chirag volunteered to support the We Will Be Happy Here sharing event at The Albany in 2022

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 19th November to celebrate 20 years' of David, Ellie, and Chirag, where we'll have some very special performances! We'll be at Hoxton Hall, N1 6SH from 1.30pm–3.30pm, and there will be refreshments.