Participants and cast in We Will Be Happy Here

We say a big thank you to all of the freelances and partners who worked with us in 2022.


  • Lisa Muten
  • Elly Rutherford
  • Sophie Holland
  • Fauve Alice
  • Yolande Bramble Carter
  • Daisy Barret Nash
  • Harshita Patel
  • Flavia Bertram

Covid Café

  • Monique Jackson
  • Omikemi
  • Sally Ramsden
  • Laura Singer
  • Sophie Holland

We Will Be Happy Here – London Borough of Culture

  • Jasmine Shigemura Lee  Performer and Facilitator
  • Jazmin Qunta                      Performer and Facilitator
  • Sophie Holland                   Performer and Facilitator
  • Jennifer Lunn                      Associate Director
  • Guy Hoare                             Lighting Design
  • Jo Paul                                   Design
  • Alice Theobald                    Sound Design
  • Helen Mugridge                  PM Consultant
  • Grace Hans                          Technical Stage Management

Tyre Pressure – Liberty Festival

  • Aisling Gallagher
  • Laura Rees
  • Amy Rushent
  • Jeevan Ravindran


  • Yolande Bramble Carter
  • Abdul Sabir
  • Jazmin Qunta

WWBHH – Golden Key

  • Jennifer Lunn
  • Jens Cole
  • Jazmin Qunta
  • Sophie Holland
  • Chirag Patel
  • Helen Mugridge

On The Beach – Research and Development

  • Jens Cole                           Design and Boatswain
  • Lisa Muten                         Design and Dementia Lead
  • Kali Chandrasegara        Movement Lead and Sea Monster
  • Charmaine Wombwell   Deviser and Yarn Guru
  • Sophie Holland                 Facilitator
  • Jazmin Qunta                   Facilitator
  • Jake Morry                         Stage Manager

And not forgetting:

Claude Graham–Producer: 

  • We Will Be Happy Here, 
  • Tyre Pressure
  •  On The Beach 
  •  WWBHH Golden Key.

Paul Williams –Film-maker

Creative Support Workers

  • Lara Marshall  
  • Daniella Faircloth
  • Aoife Barron-Flynn

Our Partners

Jacksons Lane & The Haynes Dementia Centre, The Health Tree Consortium, London Borough of Culture, The Albany, Adult Learning Lewisham, Lewisham Mencap, Lewisham Speaking Up,The Liberty Festival, BPCA & St Margaret's House, Coney & the City of London, Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, MAST Studios, Southampton.