(l-r) Yolande Bramble-Carter, guest artist Zahra and Jasmine Shigemura Lee in We Will Be Happy Here (2021)

Spare Tyre is a female artist-led participatory theatre company that seeks to reflect society, challenge its prejudices and make life equal. 

Spare Tyre has forged theatre and arts practice by, with, and for communities whose identities were previously predominantly hidden or silenced.

Kate Organ


We create theatre with people that are under-represented in arts and culture and society’s decision making at large. Built on more than 40 years experience, our work is participatory, collaborative, immersive, taboo-busting and above all responsive to the passions and talents of the people who make it. 

Our projects visit traditional arts venues, community centres, care homes and online spaces. Meanwhile, we run and amplify creative campaigns that reflect the values and passions of our artists and participants. 

In the 2020s, we will work with more people to create theatre exploring the pressing issues of our time, such as the climate crisis, disability rights and social justice. 

We’re interested in working with, supporting and training people who want to change the world with us.   

Spare Tyre’s shows have changed over the years, along with society as a whole and the concerns of majority and minority communities.

François Matarasso

Workshop with participants from the Bangladeshi Parents and Carers Association at St Margaret's House, Tower Hamlets.