Super-successful from our point of view, very helpful and relevant to us. The staff were very positive and some good ideas have come from the training.

Practice Educator, Queen Mary's Hospital

We offer training to care staff, managers and family carers supporting people with dementia. Most recently we ran a series of course with Ashcroft Arts Centre, Carers Lewisham, Wandsworth Carers and Chichester Festival Theatre. 

This training helps carers think creatively about how they communicate with the person they care for, focusing on imaginative techniques for non-verbal communication in every day activities.

Techniques and tools are based on our creative performances We Will Be Happy Here and our new production On The Beach as well as our long running sensory projects Together and Ghyama. Training is tailored participant’s mode of communication, physicality and engagement.

During training sessions, Spare Tyre trainers help carers to:

  • plan creative activity using a person-centred approach
  • conduct thoughtful and responsive interactions with people with dementia using sensory techniques–touch, taste, sound and smell
  • gain confidence and knowledge using creative engagement
  • understand and use the value of non-verbal communication
  • engage with reflective practice
  • get access to mentoring

Contact Rose for more information and to book: 020 8692 4446 (ext. 273).