This is a guided meditation, recorded by Jeevan Ravindran as part of our Free Movement Lab at Liberty Festival 2022.

Spare Tyre brought together four disabled and neurodivergent artists from various disciplines for 3 days, to see what we can create in response to the theme ‘Freedom of Movement’.  

How can we conceive of alternate realities, whilst existing in the boundaries of our present reality? 

This meditation was created by Jeevan for a space where rest is an action. 

You will be guided through a meditation of around 8 minutes that will hopefully help you to access what an alternative reality might look and feel like for you. In the background, you will hear a Tamil song Eartho Our Paatu, which translates to Some Old Song. It is from the film Un Idathil Ennai Koduthen, meaning I Gave Myself in Your Place

It is about nostalgia and remembrance, and how a person who is very important to you comes back into your mind whenever you hear a certain song that you associate with them. The beauty of happy memories, and how they almost rock you into a dream world, is the essence of this song. 

It’s a song that always helps Jeevan to tap onto her own freedom of movement, and she hopes that might be the same for you. 

Jeevan Ravindran is an actor, writer and journalist. She comes from a theatre background and she is passionate about work that highlights social issues and improves representation for performers of the global majority. Jeevan's Tamil background plays an important part in her practice, and she is also interested in exploring queerness, mental health and conflict. She previously hosted a year-long radio show on BBC Asian Network, and her work as a journalist focuses on human rights violations. She is also a sometime campaigner and organiser and has worked with people experiencing homelessness and on improving mental health policy.