In 2022 we co-created a very special new version of We Will Be Happy Here for the London Borough of Culture with Lewisham Mencap, which finished with a week of glorious individual immersive experiences at the Albany in our sensory installation and a public meeting & manifesto for an inclusive world.

It was our first collaboration with the members of Lewisham Mencap and we're very pleased to be back again this year for a series of workshops supported by the Lee Charity. The workshops take place at the Leemore Centre as part of the Lewisham Mencap weekly social club. They are free. Contact Lewisham Mencap for more details about the social club.

2023 Facilitators: 

Sophie Holland
Sophie is a freelance performer, maker and facilitator who has worked with Spare Tyre on various projects since 2021. She works regularly in community arts settings and her practice is centred in finding joy, inclusion and discovery while moving our bodies and creating. Sophie spends a lot of her time moving outside so nature practices are another constant influence on her work.

Elly Rutherford
Elly is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, performer, and facilitator. She has worked with Spare Tyre since 2021 on Together Project, We Will Be Happy Here: Ashcroft Arts Centre Digital Residency and Tyre Change Programme. Inspired by the beauty and quirkiness of the everyday, she creates interactive installations, playful performances, experimental poetry, and participatory art in various situations and spaces. Her work reflects how engaging with the arts improves well-being. Elly is experienced in delivering workshops around sensory play, art making, mindfulness, improvisation, and performance. She believes everyone has a unique sense of creativity; she just plants the seed of curiosity.

Sabir is a freelance facilitator and performance artist. He joined Spare Tyre in 2022 for the Ghyama! Arts project with St. Margaret’s House. Sabir is inspired by ideas made with participants and leading movement with balls of light. He loves working as part of a team and supporting other people to be creative. Sabir has worked with BLINK dance Theatre since 2018. He performs different styles of dance in diverse education and community settings. He has played the roles of a Volcano, Hedgehog & Santa Claus for productions in schools. He played the role of Handy Mandy in the minibus show after the 2021 lockdown.

"This is the best thing I've ever done"–participant