Dr Mephastopholes

"I am the master of the dark circus 

All things change after dark 

And nothing is what it seems"

(The Dr introduces The Siren)

"Let me introduce you to the siren 

I found her in the southern ocean 

And brought her here for your delight 

She sings her song of seduction 

And lures people to their deaths 

And now she is trapped here on this bed 

But to my dismay, she began to wither and fade 

Through lonliness and desire,  

When once her scales shimmered in the sunlight."   

(The Dr introduces 'The Hairy Woman')

"On this mirror is the hairiest and wildest woman in the world  

Stolen from the forest 

She snarls and scratches 

Amongst her hair nestles an egg 

She protects it with her life 

If you are lucky she may dance for you 

Her golden hair flashing  

Hungry and feral 

She will whip you into a frenzy"

"All things change after dark 

Fantasies are unleashed 

Desires take hold 

And our true selves emerge"


"I prepare myself ready for your eyes and your delight 

My hair, my makeup, my stockings 

I have read the future 

I know the journey of destruction  

That I will bear witness to 

I invite you to join me on this journey"


Welcome to our world 

More real than reality 

Where we write our own mythology 

Where we question your authority