[Upbeat orchestral music throughout]

Director: It’s important to take this kind of work into care homes because usually those with advanced dementia don’t get very much activity and certainly not that much creative activity. What we take in is quite intense; it’s multi-sensory, it’s multi-artform and it’s just a little bit of storytelling. In a way, I like to say that it’s like having a conversation with whoever is in the room and allowing spaces or people to return conversation and then we just see where the journey takes us.

[Orchestral music is punctuated by flutes and builds to crescendo]

Co-ordinator: The major effect that you see is for the staff that participated in the workshops and how they respond to the residents afterwards; when they’re seeing them again on the unit there’s a bit more of a softness there and a bit more emotion and connection between the two of them, which might not have been there before.

[Orchestral music continues and fades out to silence]

About this video

Once Upon a Time is a multi-sensory interactive storytelling programme for older people with dementia, and a training tool for the staff and volunteers who support them.  Once Upon a Time is responsive to participants and bespoke to an individual's mode of communication, physicality and engagement.

Film by Josh Grigg, music by Tayo Akinbode.

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