Hoxton Hall, Sunday 19th November 2023

We had some very special anniversary's to celebrate this year so we did it in the Spare Tyre way with a cabaret fundraiser! To mark 20 years' of participation from Ellie Mason, Chirag Patel, and David Munns, we gathered at Hoxton Hall for music, magic, and mirth. 

David and Ada Campe co-compered the proceedings , with David also wowing the audience with his magic and wit. Chirag, with his Trustee and participant hats a piece, gave us a wonderful speech and later on a fantastic piano recital. Sequinned Ellie sang 2 beautiful songs to suit the grand theatre space we were in. 

Alongside the performances, audiences and guests were invited by facilitators Jazmin and Sophie, to interact with props and sets from On the Beach and We Will Be Happy Here. And congratulations to all the winners of the raffle prizes. Get in touch if you've yet to receive your prize, you know who you are!

This fabulous celebration was also to kickstart our fundraiser, so if you haven't already, please donate to our Big Give campaign and spread the word! #SpareGive  #ItAllMakesSensory

Photos Jon Cardwell