Rip up the old rules and scare away the monster
Have a rest and imagine your best life
Recreate the world as you want it–with new colours and new rules

In October 2022, Spare Tyre took a version of We Will Be Happy Here to The Golden Keya one-day festival in the City of London that aimed to open up spaces in the City that aren't always accessible to the public. We created an interactive installation that was a gentle, inclusive space for participants to explore and interact with. Here you can see what the participants at the Happy City created in their quest to explore these themes. 

Concept                Rebecca Manson Jones
Producer               Claude Graham
Host                        Jen Lunn 
Artists                    Jazmin Quinta and Sophie Holland
Technical Manager  Helen Mugridge
Designer               Jens Demant Cole
Event Support   Chirag Patel
In partnership with Just Jones &
Commissioned by  Coney