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Statues for the (Un)forgotten

Wednesday 31 March





Who is celebrated in public space goes to the core of who we value in life. We unveiled our Statues for the Unforgotten at a special preview on Wednesday 31 March. This page includes details of the people who contributed and the statues they suggested. Listen to an audio recording about this project.

Long before Covid, women have always been social distancing–evaluating if this space is safe, if we need to move away and give space to men to keep ourselves safe in the park.

Spare Tyre artist in conversation 2020

A 21st century statue - Victoria Wood in Library Gardens, Bury, Greater Manchester

People love to paint, sculpt, tell stories and make up songs about heroes, mostly male. They appear oversized as bronze statues looking down at us forever from horses, or in big wigs...

But who is a hero to us now? Who does our public space belong to and who gets to decide who should be celebrated there? 

Statues for the Unforgotten is a chance to celebrate people who currently aren't seen enough in public discussions: women, people who experience racism, Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people, LGBTQIA+ people, or people who were overlooked by history for another reason.

People have been sharing their contributions in three minute stories, monologues, poems and songs. 

Watch the films

Contributors so far (external links):

Debbie Bandara - Reclaiming our Statues for Durga
Ada Campe - A Beehive for Terri Rogers
The Befrienders and Voices in Motion - If You Can Breathe for Cynthia Dunn
Astrid Hilne - Not Forgotten for Ruby, Mary and Zilla
Becky H Lee - Salute to You for Doreen Lawrence
Rebecca Manson Jones–for All the young women who aren’t allowed to stand still and be
Kitty Martin - The Last Moments for Ruchla Kaszkeit
Deborah Mason - My Head Hurts From All The Hats I'm Wearing for herself
Ellie Mason - Treat Us As One for Samantha Renke and Liz Carr
Dr Naomi Paxton - for Mrs Salmon
Vici Wreford-Sinnott - A Site of Suitable Scale for Dorothy and all the disabled people of the UK

Visual note taker Deborah Mason
Cut outs Lisa Muten

If you have an idea, you can still send in a statue idea for our ongoing online gallery.

Send in your idea

We're going to continue added statues after the unveiling on March 31. Watch the performances for inspiration and send us your idea:


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Who do you want to celebrate in your Town Square?