Rip up the old rules and start from scratch. Take a restful moment to imagine your best life. Recreate the world as you want it – with new colours and new priorities

Join Spare Tyre to imagine what it would be like to live in a city or even a world that is truly inclusive. Something created by you, not 'on your behalf’.

Not just the bricks and mortar, but the values, the rules, and the way of life.This interactive installation is a gentle, inclusive space for you to explore ideas of what you need to thrive. Work with a team of artists and makers to help collectively create this Happy City, using recycled materials to build the city from the ground up and to decorate the city walls with your personal hopes, dreams and demands.

The Happy City will be created from 12pm to 5pm. Join Spare Tyre at 3pm for a creative discussion about how we can make our City inclusive for all its citizens, including disabled and neurodiverse people.

Co-Produced by Just Jones &

Featured in Lewisham London Borough of Culture 2022