An assisted employment programme for Artist with learning disabilities wanting to enter the creative industries.

Go inc to work was a three year programme run by Spare Tyre from 2008-2011. Supported by Trust for London, it responded to a need of the Artists who attended Spare Tyre workshops, and performed in Spare Tyre shows. They wanted to be recognised and paid for their artistic skills.

- The Artists were matched with creative mentors, who helped them to develop their work and work to deadlines.
- Work experience was organised tailored to the Artists. One Artist spent a day at a radio station, and another worked in stage management at a theatre.
- The Artists attended workshops to help develop the skills and knowledge needed for paid work. For example interview skills and the realities of getting freelance work.
- Research into working and the benefit system took place, to help the Artists better understand how paid work would effect them financially.
- I’m an Artist, let me in! – a showcase of work by 5 Artists with learning disabilities – was created and performed to an invited audience of 45 potential employers and collaborators.
- Online profiles were created on the Spare Tyre website for 5 artists. Links to these can be sent to potential employers, collaborators and agents. Artist names below:

Daniel Berryman
Cynthia Bowling
David Hogan
Ellie Mason
David Munns

- 3 Artists are regularly employed by external companies to perform their own work at events, club nights, international festivals and award ceremonies. They are paid full Equity rates.
- Spare Tyre employs the Artists and supporting performers of I'm an Artist, let me in! to tour across London both to arts venues and SEN schools, all on full Equity rates.
- Spare Tyre act as agents to 9 Artists with learning disabilities who are regularly offered to audition and perform in shows and films for a variety of companies.
- In Autumn 2010, 4 Artists worked with BBC Radio Drama producers to write and produce short radio plays.
Artist names below:
Daniel Berryman
Ellie Mason
David Munns
Lucy Meah