During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re sending multi-sensory packages to participants we know who are living with dementias.

For past three years, our partnership with with the Haynes Dementia Hub and Jacksons LaneTogether,  has seen us make weekly visits to the Haynes Dementia Hub in the London Borough of Haringey. Two artists in residence lead participatory arts sessions for people living with dementias who attend the centre. Over the day we engage the body with gentle exercise and the whole sensorium, with colour, light, temperature, aural, visual stimulation along with textures and savours.

While participants can no longer attend the centre due to COVID-19, we are making and delivering personalised multi-sensory packs which arrive through the letter box and can be enjoyed safely at home. Our artists – that the participants already know– have been commissioned to make interactive videos with accompanying music on a DVD, supported by paper-based activities, and materials which stimulate all the senses for people at all stages in their dementia pathway. The packs can be used together with carers or other family members, or can be enjoyed as a solo activity. Everything is included, there is no need to have other equipment or materials.

Artists from across the Spare Tyre community are working together (excuse the pun!) on this project, including Associates Lisa Muten and Yolande Bramble-Carter, musicians Paul Falconer and Mary Price O’Connor, dancer Kali Chandrasegaram and Artistic Director Rebecca Manson Jones

It is stunning and I can see how much effort, creativity, care and hard work you have put into them!

Jessica Amery, Project Coordinator, Jackson's Lane, 'Together'

The Together Project has been supported by City Bridge Trust and we are now looking for new ways to expand this programme of interactive multi-sensory packs – Spare Tyre Through Your Letterbox -  so that we can reach more people as 2020 progresses, either by raising money or through a pay-what-you-can model.

If you, a person you know, or an organisation you are involved in would be interested in receiving these packs, please fill in this form so that we can assess the demand. Alternatively, email info@sparetyre.org.

With thanks to Tesco Bags of Help for additional support with this project.

Thank you for thinking of us when none of the clubs are open.

Participants in Redbridge

Hand Dance. Movement: Kali Chandrasegaram. Music: Paul Johnson
Geese at the Beach. Filmed by Yolande Bramble-Carter. Edited by Rebecca Manson Jones