We are delighted to be collaborating with Complicité on a two week research and development period for their new project idea called Balancing Act.

I am not so interested in machines in a gym, but I do find balancing feathers and juggling balls a joy. It joins me to my inner child. I am somehow getting to an understanding of the fun of just doing something that is not perfect, the joy of not having to measure myself by an external yardstick, or a previous younger more skilled self. It’s a rather simple thing really and yet I realise when I take away the judgemental self I can be just in the moment.

Vicky Lee, Spare Tyre Artist

After several intense and fruitful weeks of experimentation and play, our artists performed a selection of material from the R&D process at London Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer as part of (B)old Festival on Sunday 20 May 2018. 

About the R&D process: 

Does the way you look on the outside reflect the way you feel on the inside? Can you remember the way your body felt 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 50 years ago?

Several of our Spare Tyre Artists, supported by Isaac Ngugi, Spare Tyre’s Associate Director, will be working with Complicité to explore the limits of what we feel ourselves to be and what our bodies tell us we are, using performance and circus skills.