Spare Tyre has partnered with Lambeth & Southwark Mencap to run Drama and Theatre Skills workshops for adults with learning disabilities.

"This [the creative sessions with ST] is the most important thing we’ve done with this group to date. All the people in other groups on different days want to do it too. The participants have changed so much. I can’t believe it is two years since we first met and discussed it!" Helen Barnard, MAC leader

Over the course of one year, participants worked with Spare Tyre facilitators to develop their creative skills. Participants developed scenes as a team to grow their self-confidence. They created their own work from their own ideas.

In March we were delighted to see a sharing of work by members of Lambeth & Southwark Mencap’s MAC centre, where we’ve been meeting for the last year. The sharing included a film screening showing the work that participants had done, an awards ceremony for each of the participants to recognise their achievements, and lunch with everyone afterwards.

‘The film is a true representation of the interaction with the participants, the activities that took place, and what they coproduced’ Helen Barnard, MAC leader

Staff at the centre have noted there was a lot of other creative activity that spun off from the Spare Tyre led sessions, such as making cards and awards for the award ceremony. There has certainly been an impact on staff too, feeling more energised by the sessions and wanting to do more creative things.

This course has been generously supported by the Thrale Almshouse Small Grants Programme (RIN).
These sessions are limited to Lambeth & Southwark Mencap service users.