I’ve been a bit off balance recently–some might say that’s nothing unusual…

With all news reports talking of a balanced parliament it’s not surprising that balance is on my brain. The thing that popped into my head after balanced parliament was: is there balance in press coverage when it comes to the arts.
I don’t think so.

I stopped subscribing to Time Out after they produced their 40 years of existence edition.
It left me feeling quite sad–I took a deep breath and thought wow that’s not the London I recognise from the last 30 years, those are not my heros or mentors. I was left feeling well and truly alienated. Why have they omitted the vibrant talented multi ethnic artists that were at the cutting edge of arts and culture in London, no Britain?

I was really excited by the thought of 40 years of London art and culture captured in one edition – this hub of cultures from every corner of the world–street, classical, young, pink, old, extreme, risk, protest, sexy….. – 30 years of which I have been a part. TO was edgey, cutting edge, fringe, to have TO was to be in the know about the next great artists happening in an out of the way part of London.
Why has it all gone wrong?

Here at Spare Tyre we have been trying to get our shows reviewed – the press are just not biting – they only offer very pathetic excuses: we only review professionals – but we are, what no celebs? – no these performers who are salt of the earth, sorry you need to do a 3 week run at least – well if venues would talk to us, book us, we would, can’t you give us a sensational story about one of the cast – well if you came to see the show you’d see its all about them and their issues that you could then write about……..
So do we have to resort to using terms like ‘cripping up’ or ‘wrinkleys’ to get attention?

It is respectable press like Stage and Guardian not wanting to review community theatre. Why not?
So to press and media I say just as our politicians are having to re-think and adjust to a ‘balanced’ parliament perhaps its time they did the same and took a more ‘balanced’ attitude when reviewing the arts.

It’s about giving fair representation to us all.
Living in hope………..