……….red brown sienna rust golden yellow isn’t Autumn beautiful? A turn in the season that says slow down, keep warm, store up for winter – but do we listen? How out of touch with nature we are as we continue to ignore all signs of change and carry on our 24 -7 lifestyles. And then the rains came and it was shocking to see how unstable the bridges were that have stood since the 19th century, they came tumbling down all across Cumbria. Nothing is forever I suppose.

Stop in the name of love – think it all over. A little Supreme moment there!

We’re all having to re-think what we do and how we do it against a backdrop of extreme uncertainty. Schrodinger's Cat pops to mind – alive, dead, macro, micro, where does it begin end or meet? How do we stop the rain overflow joining the drains – stop people paving their gardens? Don’t build on land that soaks up water? Old themes with a new perspective.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of that–old themes with a new perspective in spaces across London. Much of it has challenged me, provoked strong reactions like I love, I hate, mmm interesting – very fallopian tube, wow smear more red stuff on the old walls – very wild, very now, very funky, good god a Black kid that’s not into drugs and guns – blow me down – but is sensible and educated! Exquisite epic words, spoken with passion from the formidable mouths of Black South African poets – it was an honour to witness. As you might have guessed it’s been an emotional few weeks.

And then there’s all this suggestion that Parliament might get hung – oh how exciting – so bored bored bored with going blue red blue, blue red – let’s have a rainbow coloured Parliament! Now that will keep the winter blues away!