This writing thoughts unscripted uncensored is actually quite fun…… day I’m going to say something that is going to get me into trouble – so what’s new?

At present I’m angry, yes angry because its all getting so silly, and difficult, as all around us bunker mentality seeps into the Arts. No sharing, no exchange, that’s my thought, my idea, my pot of money, I’m the best one to talk to–and I thought we were all a bunch of old sharing caring socialists? We all want the same don’t we? to be cohesive, bridge communities, provide access to other worlds? Make theatre, dance, music, film……

But then we have to tick this box, collect that data, justify, innovative, participate, great art for all……….evaluate, scientific proof, evaluate.

And then suddenly the latest ‘new’ thing is to be part of networks, hubs, forums, mingle, rub shoulders with–but if I signed up to them all I’d never have time to make the theatre–unless the new idea is that I did it during the night?

I just want to create, collaborate, encourage individuals/communities to tell their unheard stories and share them as widely as is possible. Why is it so hard?