“What is critical is a genuine, sensitively attuned relationship which is predicted on honesty, authenticity and in relational warmth in which the survivor can become human again” – Sanderson–Introduction To Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma

Christiane Sanderson, gives insight and voices my feelings upon hearing the feedback from our group of women after their first performance. They explained how Picture Me was a safe space for them, in which to connect with similar women. To explore through drama, their ideas and emotions. To express their feelings. To re-awaken. To re-explore themselves. The performance/sharing was an opportunity to be heard by other women.

As we celebrate with cake, cards and validation of the creative work produced so far, I realise we are just at the beginning of a re-awakening journey for us all. Through telling stories and creating new ones…through laughter and tears…playfulness and honesty…integrity and insight …to say the un-sayable, explore the un-explorable. It is a privilege to share in this powerful work.

“It is important to know not just understand (Bloomburg 1994)…Important to have a human relationship and permit experiences of joy, laughter, humour, aliveness and vitality to blossom and flourish”. (Christane Sanderson)