Actors on stage in a performance of "Feeble Minds"

So where were we? Ah yes……. I remember Waiting for Audience.

Veni vidi ……
they came, they saw and critiqued. Opposing responses and much debate about the ugliness that was presented – where is the cuddly fluffy community musical we have come to expect from older people and people with learning disabilities? Well it’s moved on! Removing all stereotypical notions for now anyway.

But what interests me in this debate that I’m having with myself is that we have 2 masters and I lean towards the master that creates the work rather then the master that comes to observe the work. And there lies the challenge–how to maintain an honesty and a truth without alienating audiences–because verbatim dialogue will always move and disturb.

Feeble Minds - our last EPIC production (in all senses) not laugh out loud funny but giggle under your breath funny, tempting and teasing your senses so you’re edged into a different world of sight, sound, smell, taste, in the hope that Master 2 would be touched by the voices of Master 1 on stage.

A Master 1 story: “ The play, which was inspired by Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens, was quite topical in a way in that it talked about greed and lust and people wanting lots of money. I think it was quite educational as well because we had a range of actors with different disabilities – it showed that you can’t put people in boxes.”

In all this chitter chatter we mustn’t forget our greatest achievement. We took a huge risk and built a bridge between two apparently very disparate communities, often isolated individuals, with low self esteem but with a wealth of knowledge, creativity and emotion. This project broke down barriers, refused to ghettoise and created an environment where it was possible for all involved to be a part of learning; creating young old, disabled non disabled, professional non professional relationships, engaging with different cultures and religions, all presented cheek by jowl. Community theatre in action……..