We’re engaging a team of our Associate Artists to be part of a Freelance Task Force which will explore the impact of COVID-19 on the performing arts. 

This comes after we signed an open letter committing us to doing what we can to support freelance artists during the pandemic. 

70% of people working in the performing arts are freelancers, including actors, stage managers, lighting designers and many more vital roles without which there would be no theatre. With much of their work cancelled and without the lobbying power of large organisations, freelancers’ livelihoods are particularly vulnerable and they risk being left out of important conversations. 

Together with more than 100 other organisations, we have committed to paying a freelance artist (in our case a job share) for three months to be part of a Task Force exploring issues facing the arts at this challenging time.  

Our team was recruited through an open call to our pool of Associate Artists. One of the key goals of the Task Force is to have representation of a broad range of artists. Therefore, a significant part of our recruitment process has been to address under-representation in the wider Task Force where we can, for example in neurodiverse and learning disabled artists. 

We felt it best fit Spare Tyre’s participatory ethos to engage a team of artists to share responsibilities. They are: 

  • Actor and performer Ellie Mason
  • Writer, actor and illusionologist David Munns
  • Artist and scenographer Jo Paul
  • Interdisciplinary artist Alice Theobald

Alice and Ellie have collaborated on a film exploring challenges facing artist that are neuro-divergent and/or have a disability, and what a more inclusive future could look like, along with Paul Christian and Charlene Salter, who were sponsored by Access All Areas.

Music and edit by Alice Theobald. With help and thanks to Jo Paul, Heather Johnson, Miss Jacqui and Miranda Yates. Made in 2020.

To read more about the artists, visit our Associates page.


Pictures of the four Spare Tyre artists involved in the Freelance Task Force
Spare Tyre Freelance Task Force contributors, clockwise from top left: Ellie Mason, David Munns, Alice Theobald, Jo Paul