I arrive at Anita's house at 3pm. Anita's has made me some fresh Salmon sandwiches and I wash these down with a glass of wine. Later when Nuno arrives we will both be treated to a mini bottle of champagne. Anita is both a kind host and a great storyteller. This, I say, will only benefit her piece. We agree that we must stick to the script once we begin rehearsal. Anita says she will, but I often receive emails from her with ideas about a new part she'd like to add, or song she'd like to sing…  

On our way home I discussed with Nuno, who was only allowed to record Anita after we had agreed to sit and eat something, our completed aims for the day. We left Anita at her door bubbling with enthusiasm. She had shared with me a wonderful anthology of personal stories and a number of pictures each with their own story. We had laughed together, and when Anita read her monologue she delivered it with so much honesty and personal heart that I could see how much work had been done already. Sometimes the best stories are not acted but simply shared.

The monologue, however, seemed secondary today. I had spent four hours with a lovely lady and for sure some of my days as a freelancer had been lonely but today was certainly not one of them. What is theatre’s role in society? A simple desire to tell a story in this medium had taken me to the depths of Golders Green and warmed a room with discourse and storytelling. I'm a big believer in the positive effect people have on one another. A rehearsal in ones home had certainly had a great effect on my own wellbeing, for Nuno and I smiled all the way home. Maybe I was drunk, but my host had surely benefited from her in-house rehearsal too.

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