Hi. I'm David Munns and I want to talk to you about a show called 'Nights at the Circus', a show that I was involved with a few years ago but actually we're reviving it and we're taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe. Which is why I'm here, which is part of the reason why I'm here, because to put on this show in Edinburgh we need to raise a lot of money, we need to raise a lot of money. If you do want to help us, fine. If you want to ignore this vide- if you want to ignore this video and go on to cats playing with a ball of wool, oh and if you're a budding magician may I recommend and the Jay Sankey channel I just want to shout out to Jay he's a brilliant magician he's got some brilliant stuff and I picked up a few tricks from him oh by the way I love his 'any card to any number' routine, big shout out to Jay as well. But do donate to Spare Tyre if you want to, thanks, thanks for your help.

1) Watch videos of cats playing with a ball of wool

2) Learn some magic tricks

3) Donate here and help our show 'Nights at the Circus' get up to Edinburgh Fringe!