New Diorama Theatre

24–25 March




15-16 Triton Street, Euston, NW1 3BF


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Spare Tyre’s first show explored the pressures faced by women concerning body image and diet culture. 40 years after it premiered, how much has changed?

In 1979 Spare Tyre founder Clair Chapwell placed an advertisement in 'Time Out' magazine reaching out to women who had, like her, been affected by reading Susie Orbach’s ground-breaking book, ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’. 

Together a group of women came together and created a play discussing the issues the book had raised, ‘Baring the Weight’, and from this  -  Spare Tyre was born.

In celebration of Spare Tyre’s 40th anniversary, ‘Baring the Weight’ returns to the stage, its subject matter still sadly as relevant today as it was then. 

Despite the self-acceptance encouraged by the play, have the pressures placed upon women increased in the past 40 years? 

Clair, founder of Spare Tyre and Director of Bolder Events, will present a new piece 'Extreme Makeover Mum' with a cast of intergenerational actors. This new show will explore the pressures felt by women in 2019, discussing the progress that has and hasn’t been made over the past 40 years… 

As New Diorama Theatre's Associate Company, we are delighted to present these two shows side-by-side as part of their Two Night Stand programme, in an evening called 'How Am I Looking Now?' 

Join us for a thought-provoking evening of laughter and tears!

…it is intoxicatingly refreshing to find a new company with a theme, a message, a genuine sense of humour and above all that elusive thing – style

The Stage, 1979