We celebrate the voices of women. We create a powerful forum for women who have experienced domestic or sexual violence.

"This is a platform and a chance to speak out... I say let's voice our unease, a gut feeling, a story we know or have been told. Let's keep re-telling it and say it out loud... for those women… who feel unable to... let's give a platform to them and believe those who feel they can say it... loud and clear!'

Spare Tyre and Solace Women's Aid have joined forces again to offer a series of workshops that explore the individual and group voice. 

The workshops focused on uncovering the voices of the women who attended, breaking silence, resulting in a recorded performance piece featuring their individual and group stories and soundscapes. 

The project centred around building transformative life skills, focusing on healing and empowerment for participants. 

Our participants said: 

“I am grateful for being me.” 

"Both of you have put me in touch with the child in me. I’ve had so much fun!"

“I feel transformed” 

“I’ve learnt so much from everyone else too” 

This project has been supported by London Catalyst and The Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust.