Spare Tyre celebrates the voices of women.

This is a platform and a chance to speak out... I say lets voice our unease, a gut feeling, a story we know or have been told. Let's keep re-telling it and say it out loud... for those women… who feel unable to... lets give a platform to them and believe those who feel they can say it... loud and clear!

Solace participant

Following on from our Blues Skies project, we joined forces with Solace Women's Aid again in a project exploring individual and group voice, led by Emma Parish and supported by our Associate Artists Yolande Bramble-Carter and Filipe Sousa.

At the start of 2018 we began a series of workshops with a group of women who have experienced abuse and violence. This was an opportunity for their voices to be heard, and to improve their skills and confidence in writing and story-telling. The project evolved according to the ideas put forward by the group, resulting in a series of audio recordings featuring their individual and collective stories. 

Engaging with the arts has proven results in improving wellbeing. The My Voice My Words My Sound project centred around building transformative life skills and empowering participants. 

With thanks to our supporters London Catalyst and The Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust. 

I feel transformed

Solace participant