Nights at the Circus is a show discussing themes of sex, desire and violence; devised in collaboration with learning disabled artists. 

A sensual slow-burning piece fully inhabited by the performers. It thwarted my expectations

Donald Hutera, Theatre Journalist

Spare Tyre collaborates with artists to produce powerful theatre, putting their voices centre-stage. During an R&D period led by Associate Artist Fauve Alice, disabled and non-disabled actors explored alternate realities and created fantastical identities. 

This show combines the mythological with the grotesque, the funny with the provocative; investigating presentations of magical realism on stage.

Nights at the Circus premiered at our Artist Takeover Week at New Diorama Theatre in November 2017 before going on to tour to six London venues. Disabled actor Ellie Mason won Performance Artist of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards 2017 for her role. 

In 2019 we will showcase Nights at the Circus at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it can sit alongside the latest and best in theatre to challenge audiences expectations and increase representation of learning disabled performers.

Sound and music by Matt Huxley.

Costume and props by Pupula Duplex.