I'm late. It's my one pet personal hate that I've tried over the years to train myself out of. Life coaches, moleskin diaries, iPhone apps, Covey's Matrix, but the best and simple bit of advise hit home on one of my many Trans-London journeys.

I was reading a Brad Pitt interview.  In answer to the question, 'How do you pick your projects', he answered, 'The best thing you can simply say to something is–No.' I do agree with Brad on some levels. However, in month four of my freelance career I've at times, in this short period, had to rip off the masking tap from my penny jar, and walk around London rather than commute.  So Brad, when it comes to work, saying NO is simply not an option. Plus there's my family.  Both from my Dad and Mother's bloodlines I have been born with a genetic gene of addiction. This addiction makes us all very vulnerable when it comes to employment... But… I'm moving very much off course of the point of my blog.

My life coach would say start nothing until you have an 'Aim' and work back from that point'.... Ok, so:

  • Aim One: To meet Lucie and help her with her audition piece.   
  • Aim Two: To meet Jim and discuss his script. 
  • Aim Three: To meet Anita; record her piece, discuss structure, and find a way to support her learning of the piece.


  • 10am: Meet Lucie @her boyfriends studio and go through her audition piece. Have lunch. 
  • 1pm: Meet Jim @ Arcola Theatre. Discuss piece particularly the character Mercy. 
  • 2pm: Meet Anita @ home in Golders Green. 
  • 3pm: work @ Clapton Hart Bar.   

I wake up at 9.30am. I'll never make it to Lucie's. I finished work at 2.30am last night, and I've had one of those dreams that wake me up. I always have them when I'm late. They are vivid and clear dreams and their role in my sub-conscience is very simple. They are an internal alarm clock. I very much enjoy them but I'm always a little gullible around them. Just as I start to relax into them the sooner I realise I'm sleeping and I really should be in the shower, or out the door by now. So on waking I call Lucie and cancel. Of course via text. I feel bad at first but I've tried to do too much in one day and I agree to redeem myself by making all my remaining meetings. Lucie isn't too happy and but she texts me later to let me know she's feeling a bit stressed out.

Aim One. Fail. 

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