My name is Housni Hassan, and in brackets ‘DJ’!

I dance, I teach, I’m in other companies like Spare Tyre, but most of the time I’m trying to, um, keep busy and active.

I struggled. I didn’t get a good education, but I was open-minded and I didn’t have, I didn’t know where I was gonna go. ‘Oh yeah I’ll try this, I’ll try that, I’ll try different things’ just to get noticed. My mum did say to me ‘You are extremely gifted so now it’s your turn to go out and face… and face the world’ and that’s exactly what I did. And I’m so lucky, I almost gave up. I thought ‘Oh no no no, nothing is going well, why?!’ Closed doors everywhere, no one believed me. But I showed them. I showed them I had something inside of me. I had, I had a strong gift. And that’s what carried me forwards.

How I got first involved with Spare Tyre, that was through a friend of Spare Tyre, her name called Cynthia Bowling. She introduced me to Spare Tyre, Spare Tyre didn’t really know me as, as like, much, but as the weeks gone on Spare Tyre really looked up to me. I had such a great time. And I met such a varied amount of people, we performed in schools, communities, charities, churches, you name it. I’ve learnt so much. They gave me so much um, different roles, um, and I met (…) I made friends, that was, to me that was the most impor- (…) important thing. I made a connection, and they believed in me so yes, they said ‘Come on DJ, you can do this’. They can sense it, first time they saw me they knew ‘this guy is gonna be great for Spare Tyre, he’s gonna be a superstar’ And that’s exactly what I am. That’s what I’m trying to be.

Spare Tyre is a very varied, um, group that lies on personal stories. What you bring, um, it’s who you are; your body, your heart, your soul. You have to be strong in this sort of, in this sort of like, theatre. Because, it’s true, some… some, um, issues may come up with that and it might affect you so it’s going beyond your imagination. It’s a theatre based with that so, it could be true, it could be stories and we… we recreate the atmosphere with, the like, amazing people who Spare Tyre brings. Spare Tyre is quite a unique company. It’s the commitment, it’s the organisation, they’re very clear… Yeah they are all really great people. I think they’ve inspired me quite a lot and I’ve inspired them. And now I’m part of their family

DJ is a dancer and teacher working in both in the UK and internationally. He was part of the Spare Tyre Band from 2010 – 2016, which toured to summer festivals in London and performed at the Lord Mayor’s Show in 2013. 

DJ spoke to us about his experience in education, and how Spare Tyre works with artists.