Saturday 15 June




Brockway Room,
Conway Hall,
25 Red Lion Square,

A great opportunity to play, learn skills and share creativity–we are delighted to invite people of all experience levels to this one-off workshop as part of the 'Antiuniversity Now' festival

Our fantastic learning disabled performers and stars of Nights at the Circus Ellie and David showcase their practice and lead you through their process in devising new work in a special event hosted by 'Antiuniversity Now'. During this multi-sensory workshop you will experiment with sounds, movements, touch, vibrations, colours.

All are welcome and we especially invite other learning disabled people to join us. If you have any access requirements or questions about the workshop please contact us beforehand–we strive to make everyone who wants to attend this event able to.

The aim of this workshop will be to have fun, to learn from each other, and to find different ways of making performance. But you don't need to be a performer to come along... all we ask is that you want to share your creativity with others.